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We take a customer centric approach to marketing.

We have a customer centric marketing approach to marketing and sales. It is all about putting that ideal customer at the centre of your world and building a system that attracts them by being insightful, empathic, helpful and great value. Marketing has changed dramatically over the last 18 months largely due to the shift in the way that customers want to engage, the technology landscape and the ever-evolving products and services that are being innovated. MacInnis Marketing approach is also evolving but at its heart we are all about listening to customers and creating a customer centric marketing approach.
Marketing Strategy - MacInnis Marketing

Marketing Strategy

Start with a plan. We specialise in marketing strategy using valuable market research so there is substance behind the plan. We are experienced, marketing experts. We know a great marketing strategy begins with clear measurable goals that align with your market potential and customer base.
Branding Strategy - MacInnis Marketing


What is the who, what, why of your brand story? Our wholehearted mission is to help you implement a customer-centric marketing approach, and then celebrate as you reap the truly transformative rewards. Make no mistake: this is game-changing stuff. 

Active Plan - MacInnis Marketing

Active Plan

Active marketing is all about doing marketing activities that make a real difference to your customers and your bottom line. It is all about doing, revising and making better marketing decisions. It takes real expertise, and we have it in spades!
Customer Journey - MacInnis Marketing

Customer Journey

It all starts and ends with the customer. The customer journey is constantly changing. We work with you to map out your customer journey and look for the holes where you are losing them and where you can make them loyal for life with small changes.


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