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Put your customers at the centre of your business 

We believe there is no more important approach to your marketing than a customer centric one!

You are always competing for your customer's mindshare. In order to successfully gain their attention, your communication must demonstrate that your focus is on them. This requires an understanding of their needs a "buyer-centric" approach to demand generation. Customer Centric Marketing is all about creating a brand and a culture that focuses on the customer. All decisions are made in light of what is best for the customer, but not just any customer, your ideal customer. You can only create a delightful, "wow" experience for the customer if you create touch points for the customer to feel your brand along their journey with you. These touch points should be deliberate, tweaked, and measured and everyone in the company's responsibility.

Customer-Centric Marketing includes the process of Strategic Service Design. It has a few key steps. It is all about humanising marketing services.

Here is a quote that I like to explain. 

"A journey that helps companies use design to become more innovative, efficient and internationally competitive while fostering a more dynamic and purposeful culture." Better By Design

1. Customer Journey - Experience Mapping

  • Assess and map the current customer journey
  • Evaluate Key Components
  • Develop a strategy for new campaign or product
  • Customer journey design and implementation

2. Customer and Employee insight

  • Assess existing customer and employee feedback mechanisms
  • Create new customer insight and models
  • Set up and facilitate customer immersion
  • Conduct Research
  • Set up and customer and employee advocates
  • Set up continual learning & innovation
  • Establish and facilitate customer advisory boards

3. Customer Persona's

  • Assess existing profiles and personas
  • Develop personas
  • Develop high-value account profiles and qualification guidelines

4. Nurture goals for each stage of the customer and employee journey

  • Assessment of goals for each stage (staff induction first 90 days)
  • Define metrics to track prospect progress
  • Assess content and experience contribution
  • Content design, strategy and development
  • Customer engagement experiences

5. Systems and processes alignment

  • Assess existing systems, analytics and processes
  • Define and facilitate updates and enhancements

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