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Creating a Great Culture


We believe that to do really great marketing you have to deliver brilliant customer experiences. Your employees have such a big impact on how these experiences are delivered and felt by your customers and clients. I am sure you have experienced the person that just doesn't want to serve you in a store or worse still are on their mobile phone instead if serving you. At the same time maybe you have experienced a friendly authentic atmosphere where everyone wants to be a work? Your culture is something that you can create, foster and change if you develop a clear strategy, values and metrics.

"I came to see in my time at IBM, that employee culture isn't just part of the game, it is the game.."CEO Lou Gerstner

It is all part of your internal brand of knowing who you are and what you stand for. What is your collective personality? Employees know that they are experience creators and must embrace "your way of doing things". I always hire for cultural fit, i.e values because skills can always be improved.

" Your employees actions can make or break your brand. Building a strong culture goes beyond employee manuals, it is all about creating powerful experiences for your customers."

It is about creating a vibe, teamwork and innovation
It is about Leadership, coaching talent and training
It is about employee and customer satisfaction
" I suppose this is where some of the magic comes from. When we commit to helping our employees be the best that they can be, they in turn commit to helping Microsoft be the best it can be. That's why feedback is so valuable." ROSE CLEMENTS MICROSOFT HR MANAGER.

Here is a video from Spotify and it helps to explain a bit about their culture:

We offer a team workshop and workshop creating employee cultures. To book. Slideshare
Employee Culture Resources

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Murmur from Cultureamp is a great survey tool that helps you discover what your employees are thinking

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