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Customer Journey Mapping

Customer Journey Mapping is a way of drawing a map of your customer journey and is used to analyse, the processes and perceptions so that they can be improved. The visualisation of every touchpoint or experience helps you determine how to optimise the overall experience.

We help you to see customer journeys, through your customer's eyes. Customer eXperience (CX) mapping starts with understanding the Touch-Points across the current end2end customer journey and standing in customers' shoes.

This helps you:

  • Map the end2end journeys through customers' eyes
  • Identify pain points and moments of truth
  • Improve the things that customers value most
  • How to measure the real customer experience
  • Capture the true costs of failing to meet customer expectations
  • Get your internal Touch-point owners fully engaged
  • Pinpoint is where to focus to improve customer loyalty
  • Identify new ways to engage customers
  • Re-innovate to define your signature brand experience

We can support your CX Mapping work through workshop facilitation, stakeholder engagement and customer journey validation. A typical engagement can start with mapping an existing customer journey and progress to define the ideal signature brand experience. To learn more about how to get started with customer journey mapping for your key customer segments and propositions do


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