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About Dan MacInnis

MacInnis Marketing started in 2006 when with her husband Mark, Danielle MacInnis decided not to go back to the corporate giants she had been working for and began her own business after her son Lachlan was born. After working for Hewlett-Packard for over eight years as a senior product manager, this was a difficult decision. Still, the challenge of starting a small business and balancing work-life was one that Danielle wanted to take head-on.

Danielle has developed some specialised skills as a marketing consultant by starting a small business from scratch and having 15 years of experience working for large companies. You were being able to see how vital the strategy and the big picture are whilst balancing this with absolute actionable, practical plans. Marketing is all about creating customers that know, like and trust you. To do this, you must take the time to understand your customers and their needs, and show them empathy, and the rest will fall into place.

With MacInnis Marketing, you won't get a marketing plan to stick to your top draw. We work with you to deliver an active, practical marketing and sales plan that grows and develops with your business and ultimately becomes an integral part of your overall business strategy.  Stop wasting money on ad-hock ideas. Know what you will do to grow your business and, more importantly, why!

With 40% of our work coming from repeat customers, we are proud of our track record. Our strong client relationships often mean we are invited to be involved in many projects, including branding and marketing, sales training, leadership and teaming, and vision and business frameworks.

We work consultatively with our clients. Our commitment to learning ensures that we are open to the best ideas and adopt them in developing every strategy.  


What clients, suppliers and business partners say:

  • Dan is more than a marketing consultant, she is a business coach. Dan cares about the whole business.

  • Dan is responsive and can take a lot of information and simplify it into a practical marketing system.

  • Dan is all about getting the big picture right while doing the things that keep the business running. She builds the plane and flies it in the right direction.

  • We love the marketing portal Dan has created for over 250 small businesses with the best tips and marketing resources on the web! It has thousands of resources that she updates regularly: Knowledge Hub

Meet Dan's superpowers, which are insight and empathy!

Customer-centric marketing is a truly innovative approach.

Using my super powers of customer empathy and insight, I created a truly innovative approach to marketing strategy called the Simple Marketing System. MacInnis Marketing was born in 2006. I love working with Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs) because they are nimble, fast-acting, closer to the customer and have a competitive advantage in this new marketing arena.

My wholehearted mission

I've made it my wholehearted mission to help CEOs just like you by implementing a customer-centric marketing system that is transformative. I do this by;

  • Being an independent marketing consultant and being honest
  • It's this insight, marketing genius, and actionability that make MacInnis Marketing the standout choice for your small business. Just ask our clients.

    Whether you need marketing outsourcing, marketing coaching, or help building an end-to-end sales and marketing system, I am a flexible marketing resource who can accommodate your needs.

    Marketing Plan

    My professional achievements

    Along the way, I've added the following skills;

    • Certified Practicing Marketer with the AMI - Fellow
    • Certified Social Media Expert with Hubspot
    • Certified in Mailchimp and Klaviyo email software
    • Expert journalist with Flying Solo, Australia Businesswomen Network, Women's Network Australia, and The Customer Collective
    • Expert facilitator for creating awesome teams with 360 facilitation certification
    • Sought-after mentor with the Australian Women Mentoring Network
    • Founder of Brain Jam, an online mentoring and coaching forum for marketing students
    • Prolific thought leadership creator running a regular podcast on small-business marketing.

    My core beliefs

    I strongly believe in the following;

    • Act fast
    • Be open to learning
    • Be Extraordinary
    • Live, love lavishly
    • See things for the first time like a child
    • I want to be the difference, so it is up to me
    • Today is the most precious thing I have, so I can't waste a moment
    • Finally, there's nothing that a chai latte can't fix! 

    What do you believe? What's your story, and what do you want to achieve? I'd love to connect and discuss how I can assist you. 


Dan MacInnis



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