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About Dan MacInnis

Meet Dan's superpowers are...insight and empathy!

Customer-centric marketing a truly innovative approach

Using both my super powers customer empathy and insight I created a truly innovative approach to marketing strategy called the Simple Marketing System. MacInnis Marketing was born soon after in 2006. I love working with Small Medium Businessess (SMBs) because they are nimble, fast acting, closer to the customer and have a competitive advantage in this new marketing arena.

My wholehearted mission

I've made it my wholehearted mission to help CEOs just like you by implementing a customer-centric marketing system that is transformative. I do this by;

  • Being an independent marketing consultant and being honest
  • It's this insight, marketing genius, and actionability that makes MacInnis Marketing the standout choice for your small business. Just ask our clients.

    Whether it is marketing outsourcing, marketing coaching or building that end to end sales and marketing system, I am a flexible marketing resource that works with your needs.

    Marketing Plan

    My professional achievements

    Along the way I've added the following skills;

    • Certified Practicing Marketer with the AMI
    • Certified Social Media Expert with Hubspot
    • Expert journalist with Ezine Articles, Flying Solo, Australia Businesswomen Network, Women's Network Australia, and The Customer Collective
    • Expert facilitator for creating awesome teams with 360 facilitation certification
    • Sought-after mentor with the Australian Women Mentoring Network
    • Founder of Brain Jam, an online mentoring and coaching forum for marketing students
    • Prolific thought leadership creator running a regular podcast on small-business marketing and publishing free small-business marketing training.

    My core beliefs

    I strongly believe in the following;

    • Act fast
    • Be open to learningMarketing Strategy
    • Be extraordinary
    • Live simply, love lavishly
    • See things for the first time like a child
    • I want to be the difference so it is up to me
    • Today is the most precious thing I have so I can't waste a moment
    • Finally, there's nothing that a chai latte can't fix! 

    What do you believe? What's your story and what do you want to achieve? I'd love to connect and discuss how I might be able to assist you. 


Dan MacInnis

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