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Outsource Marketing Packages

We have built these affordable marketing services as more businesses outsource their marketing function. Why does it work?

   We get marketing done. The average business owner needs help managing all the marketing channels systematically.

   We are more affordable. As experts, we can implement marketing campaigns faster and get better results.

Could you compare the options? The average cost of a marketing manager in Melbourne is $100K per year (seek.com.au), and we are only a fraction of this.   

Marketing Plan and Strategy Package $5,000

So, you want to market to build and grow your business. First, you need a plan. In this package, we will develop detailed recommendations for your marketing strategy, which we will present and refine in consultation with you. Following the review, we will develop a comprehensive 12-month marketing plan matched to your business goals.


Marketing strategy & plan, including:

  • Market, business and marketing overview: includes audit, research (client, suppliers and competitors)
  • Recommended marketing strategy (covering brand, content, social media, sales and marketing channels, digital, offline, public relations)
  • Marketing strategy presentation and review 
  • 12-month marketing plan
  • Recommendations for reporting and measurement
  • Estimated budgets

Marketing Action Package $3000 per month

This package is ideal for those businesses who need someone to step in and get their marketing done. This ongoing packages is designed for businesses requiring ongoing marketing support or those who would like to execute marketing plans over an extended period of time.


  • Execute all social media posts
  • Do all email campaigns (max 2 per month)
  • Manage Ad campaigns across social media
  • Update website with changes
  • Content creation - based on 2 articles, SEO
  • Work with vendors to develop marketing collateral
  • Monthly check-in and report

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Marketing Management Package $1,500 per month

Sometimes there is just not enough time in the day to do everything your business needs. We are central point of contact for all marketing activities and hands-on in steering marketing efforts in a consistent, coherent and timely manner with the focus on delivering great outcomes.

We can replace or complement your existing marketing manager or a team. This means you get higher-level expertise without extra overhead costs.


  • Co-ordinating the development of all your digital assets
  • Content Strategy & planning
  • Digital advertising management
  • SEO, blogs, articles management
  • Social media management
  • E-mail marketing
  • Content planning
  • Monthly reporting

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