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Our proven marketing process delivers the results you need.


At MacInnis Marketing, we pride ourselves on being methodical, independent, cutting-edge, and, most importantly, customer-centric.

We've spent the last five years fine-tuning our own streamlined methodology, the Simple Marketing System. This proven system involves building your marketing from the inside out (focusing on your customer) and then progressing clients along the buyer's journey.

What we are

1. Results-driven

We measure everything we do to ensure the marketing plan we've built together delivers results. Only two results matter sales and happy customers. Our clients stay with us because we deliver outstanding results repeatedly.

2. Rhythmic

You're in the wrong place if you're looking for a one-off campaign to create quick leads. We create long-term, sustainable sales and marketing engines that will continually feed your business opportunities in good times and bad.

3. Passionate about education

We educate you and your team so that you understand how to make better sales and marketing decisions everything from advertising on Facebook to segmenting your list. There's no point getting to the end of our time together and finding you haven't learned anything.

4. IT geeks

We love adopting new technology, so we're onto it if there's a faster, better, or more economical way to do something. This is a real differentiator, as technology and marketing are interconnected. Come and geek out with us on our Stuff We're Into page. It's awesome!

5. Thought leaders

We don't just sit on our laurels. Danielle MacInnis is a recognised thought leader who is continually called to present at speaking gigs and regularly publishes in online and offline small-business publications. She also authors a blog with over 3000 hits a month, with 4000 subscribers and growing and a podcast where she interviews global marketing experts. Danielle is a Certified Practicing Marketer with the Australian Marketing Institute and privately coaches several students through her other company, Brain Jam.

6. Independent

We pride ourselves on being independent and always recommend the right solution for our client's needs, whether a software or service provider. We're entirely vendor agnostic, so you can trust that we'll always offer you objective advice.

7. Collaborative

We work both for you and with you. After all, marketing is a process that works best when we come together as a team and share collective knowledge to make the best marketing decisions. You are the only ones who know your business like you, and we believe we're great at what we do. Together, that's a winning formula for growing your business.

8. Fun!

What we're not

Quick and dirty

We don't implement one-off, short-lived tactical campaigns without clarifying your marketing strategy first. Why? Because we don't believe it's a good way to spend your money.

Product or retail focused

Our specialty is working solely with service-based businesses. Our methodology has been purpose-built for this particular niche, and this is where we do our best work.

Stuck in Red tape

We get on with the job and execute it if you have a large organisation that cares about titles then we are not for you.

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