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Most customers search the web if they need something. The way we buy has changed so much in the digital age. If your business struggles to attract the right clients, it is time to review your marketing!

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What our clients are saying

The marketing process I have been working through over the past three months has been invaluable to my business and personal growth. The process has enabled me to reconsider my business objectives, relevance to customers and my value proposition. Until now I have been making assumptions about my customer base and talking to my customers rather than understanding their needs and looked more closely at their perception of my business model. This process has been instrumental is helping me to maintain sales and build sales despite this environment. Communicating with my customers and making my products and services relevant to what they are experiencing has been critical to "pivoting" my business model."

Our business was struggling with its brand and identity due to the organic growth of the business and the provision of new products and services. Dan assisted us to simplify our brand, streamline our marketing plan, automate our social media marketing and build a customer centric website

Danielle and her team have made a terrific contribution to the customer marketing for TutorBright. Her approach is action based and avoids all the vague and theoretical plans that I've seen with other marketing consultants. By the end of our sessions, we have a detailed plan with clear outcomes on who, what and when. She also knows all the tools and platforms that will save time and who doesn't need more time back in their day. I would highly recommended Danielle and her team.

Danielle is an outstanding marketing professional with outstanding management and project management skills. She has robust analytical skills and provides meaningful insights resulting in customer centric marketing strategic plans and programs, which in turn lead to increased qualified leads and sales. She has worked with many of my clients for over seven years in my role as Business Adviser in the Federal Government's Entrepreneurs' Programme and has achieved amazing results. Three of her clients received the Medium Telstra Business Award over a four year period and two of these clients won the overall Telstra Business Award in the Northern Territory. This is a testament to her strong marketing leadership and the breadth of her marketing expertise.

Over the past six months, Dan has worked to understand the customer experience at Lauriston Girls' School  with the aim to improve this experience for new customers and members of the school community across all touchpoints.  Dan worked collaboratively with us to deeply understand our values and day-to-day operations and then provided detailed insights into what was and wasn't working and how we could make simple changes to improve.  Dan's customer centric approach and IT knowledge allowed us see gaps in our communication infrastructure and processes. We are now in a position to move ahead with a new communication approach that will greatly improve our customer experience and help us to achieve our brand and marketing goals.

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