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Our Values

Our values, our lifeblood

At MacInnis Marketing, we're a little bit different. Our values are not just an arbitrary list. We've chucked up our website to look good. They're our lifeblood. We live and breathe them every day, in every way, in every single client interaction. Our vision is to create businesses that humanise their experiences by providing delightful, memorable experiences for customers.

Marketing Plan

Our values deliver on our vision and are our wholehearted commitments to you:

Authenticity: Always being honest, being ourselves, and doing our best to deliver the best marketing solution for your business.

Passion for customers: Being thoughtful by putting your needs first. Investing fully and wholeheartedly to ensure you get the best possible value for your marketing dollar investment.

Innovation and IT:Declaring our geekiness with pride, keeping abreast of current IT marketing solutions, and recommending the most affordable and suitable marketing technology for your business.

Sharing knowledge:Freely communicating everything we know to improve your marketing knowledge and skill base. Creativity and fun: Brainstorming, thinking outside the square, enjoying the process, and constantly collecting great ideas for marketing in small businesses.

Using the 'pay it forward' principle:Wherever possible, helping you, helping others, and all without any expectation of being paid back.

Do you think these resonate? Would we work well together?

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