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Customer insights

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 18 September 2020
Customer insights

For those of you who haven't watched the Netflix show The Social Dilemma I encourage you too. It explores how Facebook, Google and others have collected immense information about us and how they use that information to customise our experience with them. This film focuses on how some ex-employees explain the dangers and manipulation social media. While propaganda, bullying, and misinformation are all apart of our internet world, it is really important that we understand these tools and are transparent about what their agenda's and opportunities to improve our communities and environment. They are not going away. It is how we manage them that is critical.

#STOPPROFITFORHATE is one such campaign to spread awareness of miss information that has gained celebrity support.

Where there is a conflict between profit and social good there is always going to be an issue.

Let's face it most of us are on Instagram and Facebook. Because of this the data that Facebook particularly has is incredible and scary. However Facebook is a great source for small businesses wanting to reach their ideal target market. Recently Facebook released two resources I wanted to share.

1. Facebook Christmas Season Shopping Guide - which has some excellent take outs for customer insights. This report highlights shopping behaviour trends particularly in response to COVID-19 and breaks it down by country.

Some key take always:

2. Holiday Campaign Planner - that is a really comprehensive guide on how to plan Facebook/ Instagram campaigns leading up to a very important retail period.

3. Funding for small business - apply here.


Love them or hate them, just don't ignore them if your customers are using these tools to communicate, engage and shop.

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