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Edible Beauty

Edible Beauty Australia is a well known natural skincare range. Anna Mitsios has been running it successfully as the founder and naturopath for over 10 years. Anna had a vision to grow her business with new product introductions and really develop the core value of inner beauty with her knowledge of naturopathy.

  • Customer Journey
  • Marketing Plan
  •   Branding

  • Increase sales by 100%

Audit: A good starting place for us was to do a complete audit of the website, brand and marketing tools. Through this process we could develop an understanding of what was broken, in-consistent and not working as effectively as perhaps it could.

The team: I bought in a team of a copywriter and designer to work with us on refining the Edible Beauty brand so it would more closely reflect the core message about being good for you and that inner beauty reflecting with our new ingestible range.

Campaigns and Segmentation: To ensure we were integrating our marketing for best effect we had to leverage key segmentation tools so we could make the right offer at the right time to the right person. We used Typeform and Klayvio to do this.

The result was 100% growth for spend over the 3 months.

The marketing tools. We refined the marketing technology we were using to ensure that they were all being leveraged into a complete end to end strategy that worked with our ideal customer.

The ideal customer. Much research was undertaken to identify that ideal customer and how could we make their experience with Edible Beauty delightful. More resources were created to educate and communicate with the ideal customer.

See write up in Business Australia.


The marketing process I have been working through with Dan over the past three months has been invaluable to my business and personal growth. The process has enabled me to reconsider my business objectives, relevance to customers and my value proposition. Until now I have been making assumptions about my customer base and talking to my customers rather than understanding their needs and looked more closely at their perception of my business model. This process has been instrumental is helping me to maintain sales and build sales despite this environment. In-fact my online sales have doubled since this process began. Communicating with my customers and making my products and services relevant to what they are experiencing has been critical to "pivoting" my business model.

ANNA MITSIOS | Naturopath & Founder


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