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Which Competitors are watching you?

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 21 February 2018

Who is watching you?

There are some sneaky ways to can check which competitors may be tracking your activities.

1. Competitors IP address

If you have your competitors' IP address, you can easily find out the pages they are visiting on your website. To get better results you can use a log file analyzer as it will help you find out the pages they are visiting and when.

Find all of your competitors' websites:

2. Google Alerts

Put your competitor's name into a Google Alert along with yours and you will see what they are doing online.

3. Check your email collections

Check your e-news email collection from any lead generation on your website so you can remove them from your customer communications.

4. Screen your calls 

If you screen your calls you can choose whether or not to engage with a potential lead that sounds like they are fishing for information and not sincere.

5. Check your Adwords

If you notice a particular IP address is clicking on your ads you can ask Bing or Google to block it.

6. Marketing Grader a tool for monitoring mentions
This is a cool tool because it gives each of your competitors an overall score based on social media activity, blogging success, SEO, and lead generation. It's fun to see if their score fluctuates and then to notice if your score does the same.

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