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How to pivot your small business in 2020 to grow?

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 25 March 2020
How to pivot your small business in 2020 to grow?

Given the changes in the last few weeks small businesses are under enormous pressure to keep their businesses open. How do they do this if they are a hairdresser, plumber, cafe or yoga teacher?

The answer lies in thinking like your customer and offering your product and service in new helpful and creative ways. 

Here some some ideas that can assist your small business pivot it's direction for growth in 2020.

1. HAIRDRESSERS COLOUR KIT AT HOME - local hairdressers only have a 30 minute window to service clients and given that most people want to self isolate maybe the answer is a home kit for hair touch ups. We don't want to ruin our hair colour with supermarket dyes, so your local hairdress could mix up your hair colour for you and you can pick it up and do it yourslef at home. Putting at tutorial onFB and Instagram of how to apply the dye is not only helpful, but keeps your clientele engaged with your business and your cashlow coming in! You can still do the quick trim for $30, but colouring just is too timely to do in the Salon under the new shut-down rules.

2. CAFE BULK MEALS -  we have seen those Cafe's doing take away coffe, but what about smart meals? Bulk meals that people can freeze. One week could be lasagna and the next curry. Bulk meals would ensure that people can stock up and means the cafe is only producing one thing each week, keeping costs down.

3. VIRTUAL YOGA - instead of going to an ap seeing your existing instructor in a live sstream can really make the practice a worthwhile social connection. Not only can it be virtal to keep fit during this time, those that are socially engaged will cope better. The price can be more afforable but the audience can be as huge as you like.

It is also a great time for bigger companies to show their support.

  • Audible has made free all of it's titles for people to read for FREE.
  • Deliveroo has launched a "no-contact drop-off service"
  • Zoom video conferencing has offered resources and discounted services for teachers
  • GM, Ford and Tesla are talking about producing ventilators



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