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Google recommendations for behaviours that convert

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 12 July 2020
Google recommendations for behaviours that convert

Google does a great job of sharing information. In the Think with Google You Tubes they have some very valuable content about how we as consumers behave based on 250,000 purchases.

They have identified 7 key beahvioural principals that influence how we behave and shop online.

It is worth watching the video below but here are the 7.

1. Being Present - being in the now, relating well to your audience

2. Category Heuristics - what are the rules of thumb that relate to this category

3. Social Norms - Monkey see, monkey do

4. Authority Bais - endorsement from community, authority for that audience or other industry body

5. The Power of Now - get it while you can - for a limited time only

6. Scarity bais - think toilet paper - while stocks last

7. The Power of Free - free offer with that

Using these in your landing pages, ads, emails and infact any communication with your audience can greatly increase the chance of you converting that customer or prospect to do what you would like them to do. This is true across b2b or b2c brands.

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