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Facebook Advertising 101

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 12 August 2019
Facebook Advertising 101

Facebook posts work like a newsletter platform. Everytime you post people who have liked or followed your Page can see the post. This is true for both your Facebook business Page and your Instagram account. People may like, comment or share this content if they wish. This type of reach is called organic, which is another way to say that it's free. You create a post and it spreads organically, from people who engage with your content to their friends and so on. This process is an important part of increasing your number of Page followers, but it may not grow your audience as quickly as you'd like.

To advertise on Facebook you can boost a post to a selected market. The main goal of advertising is to reach people who are likely to become customers. With Facebook, you can get your message out to just those people who may have an interest in your product. You can spend as little or as much as you like, depending on your goals and budget.


Page promotions are Facebook ads you create directly from your business Page. There are several types of Page ads which enable you to do things like boost a post, promote your website, drive traffic to your local business and more. Page ads are a fast way to create an ad on Facebook since in most cases, we'll automatically suggest text and images for your ad, or you can choose images, videos and text yourself. An ad allows you to promote a call to action. It could be to show directions to your store, share an exclusive offer or share some more information about your product or service sending the user to a landing page.


Where are your ads placed?

A placement is where your ad appears. When you create an ad from your Facebook Page, people will be able to see that ad in several different places. We automatically adjust your ads to fit each placement and mark them as sponsored.

It's important to note that not every placement will be available for every ad objective. For instance, Get More Leads is only available for mobile feed placements.

Generally your ads can be run in Facebook, Instagram and Messenger.

Audience - one of the best features of Facebook and Instragram advertising is the targeted you can do based on many demographics. It allows you to pinpoint your most likely buyers for conversion. Make sure when you are buildng your ad you spend some time in identifying the best audience by choosing from the options listed.

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