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Affordable Marketing Software for Small Businesses

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 28 September 2018
Affordable Marketing Software for Small Businesses

Chances are if you are a small business your marketing software looks something like this.

You are likely to have the following: 

  • Email Marketing to communicate with your customers and prospects
  • Blog software - from your website to do content
  • Form creation software - to collect leads and do surveys
  • Analytics - be it Google Analytics or more
  • CRM - to hold your contacts and lead information
  • Social - sharing and scheduling tools
  • Landing page tools to build a lead funnel

The issue for small businesses is that they may have some or none of these tools but they aren't likely to be connected as a platform.  So what is wrong with this?

  • Individual contracts and fees
  • Multiple apps to learn
  • Difficult to connect
  • Siloed databases
  • Piecemeal analytics
  • Compliance is impossible (GDPR, CAN-SPAM, CASL)
  • Who do you call when things break?

Today's marketing technology stack is almost impossible to manage.

This is why I went looking for a marketing software that was integrated and provided all the smarts for small business but with out the large cost structure. I came up with Sharpspring.

Every piece works together to help you drive leads and sales for your business.

Once you add up the cost of email, social, analytics, landing page, CRM and blogging software you could have purchased the Sharpspring software and get better functionality and it would be integrated. Having a unified platform has lots of benefits for nurturing leads and delivering insights to make better marketing decisions.

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