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Why digital marketing is not working for SME

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 15 March 2017

With more than half of businesses failing in the first five years of operation having a changing communication landscape is another point of failure for SMEs. WIth so many balls in the air small businesses can't keep across all the digital marketing landscape. How many small businesses ring me and say:

  • I have had so many people call me about my SEO, promising to get me on page 1 of google or
  • I don't rank well for this term or
  • can you set up my Facebook account, should I be on Facebook?
  • How do I post from my LinkedIn company page
  • Should I be on instagram?

According to the Content Marketing Institute's 'Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends' report, many SMEs don't have a structured content strategy in place. In fact, the report shows that approximately 65% of B2B marketers say they do not have a documented content strategy implemented. Without a solid content strategy in place, which is long been established as being one of the most effective ways to market to consumers, SMEs simply aren't capitalising on the optimum effects of digital marketing. 

Being online whilst on the move is practically the norm now, so why do so many SMEs fail to optimise their website for mobile devices? A study by Yodel and Research Now found that a whopping 40% of SMEs (at least 40%) have failed to optimise their website so it caters and fits the requirements for a mobile audience.

Comprehensive digital marketing should include promoting goods and services through social media. Creating a strong online presence is essential if digital marketing is to work and social media is an invaluable tool in helping SMEs craft a strong digital presence and reach out to both new and existing customers.
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