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When should you outsource your marketing?

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 9 June 2017

When does it make sense to outsource your marketing?

Marketing has become much more important with more of us doing our research online and beofre we are ready to buy. Because of the empowered consumer, marketing controls more of the touch points that ever before. More time is spent on social media where customers are. More on content creation and digital marketing. So when does it make sense to outsource your marketing?

1. Time - when you no longer have time to commit to doing everything that needs to be done. Let's face it there is so much more you need to do. Is it your top priority? Do you have time to do it?

2. Knowledge - Do you have the knowledge to do the task well? Advertising, email marketing, search marketing, web optimisation and more. Marketing has become more strategic and technical. Are you up with the latest practices?

3. Money - Do you have the budget to outsoruce? You need to work out what your time is worth and what you would be spending on a marketing resource.

See our outsource options.

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