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What's your mission?

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 1 September 2017

CEO of Wholefoods, John Mackey new book Capitalism's moral code, he questions that the purpose of business is just to make money. He states that we should be thinking about business differently.

He states "that business is the great creator value for other people and it's fundamentally a force for good in the world. And I just don't think most people understand that."conscious capitalismJohn contends and I agree that there is a different ethical movement in business to

day. One that has more than money and profit at the core. A business that is less greedy, selfish and inwardly focused and self-interested. John states in an interview with HBR," only business people the answer is the purpose of business is to make money. And it's just not the right answer. And every business has the potential for some other higher purpose besides just making money."

"Similarly, business has that purpose for some type of larger contribution to society. So business people need to begin thinking in those terms. And so purpose is a first tenant that we explain conscious capitalism with. It's absolutely essential that business rediscover what its purpose is, why it exists. What is the value that it creating for other people? What is its contribution to the larger society?"

So what is your higher purpose? Can you boil it down to one statement. Wholefood's is helping people to live healthier lives, to hopefully reverse this obesity crisis we have in America.Cath Sutherland the Director of Conscious Business has developed the Brand Creation Process outlined in her book Creating Brand Energy. 

Cath's process gives businesses a clear understanding of their collective identity and true awareness of their impact on, and contribution to, their employees, customers, markets, communities, the environment and global community.  Being conscious and proactively managing and taking responsibility for all business activities, both internally and in the marketplace, is also vital to building a truly great brand.

Our vision. Ready to build yours? Let us help you.

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