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Welcome series for email automation tips

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 30 January 2021
Welcome series for email automation tips

The welcome series as become a standard when you are using a email software like Mailchimp, Klaviyo, Woo, Shopify, Active Campaign and many others. Here are some tips to inlcude in your welcome series.

1. Welcome series - is one of the most read in all the automate responders you will send. It is because it is like dating and your subscirber wants to check you out. It is important to provide value, value, value. One of the first ways you can do this is offer an incentive to subscribe and then deliver it straight away. This could be a coupon, download, free product with shopping, or a time based catch up, audit etc. It's crucial to send a welcome email immediately after customers have subscribed because 74.4% of customers expect a welcome email with their continued interest in your brand

2. Tell them who you are: Your welcome email serves as an introduction to your world. Use this to talk about your brand, what makes your products better than the rest, and show them your brand's personality. You could probably tell how you started the business or share your vision with them. Make it personal, so it strikes a connection with your subscriber.

3. Set expectations: What can they expect from you, how often will they receive emails?  What will be in the emails, offers, tips, news. 

4. Deliver on the incentive: Ensure if you offered a sign up incentive that you add it in the first email, discount code or download etc.

5. Add a CTA: Every email has an objective. Although welcome emails are just a friendly introduction, it is also used to give offers or create a reputation with the subscribers. Any activity from an email requires a CTA.

6. Ask subscribers to add your email to their contact lists: this ensures that your email doesn't end up in spam.

7. Add your socials: ask them to join you on your social media platforms. If they like your brand and content enough, they might follow your social media updates too! With every email, give customers a way to contact you, so it doesn't feel like they're communicating with a computer. Providing contact information and social media links is an excellent way to improve your relationship.

8. Always provide an easy to unsubscribe link: it is the law but it is also good practice. You don't want people on your list who don't want to be there. Make it a one click experience.

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