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Use the down time to up skill

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 28 December 2015

Read or Listen, it can be a great way to up skill quickly.

Nothing is more important than taking a break over the holiday season. I often find it hard to completely stop. You spend so much of your time worrying about getting stuff done in your business that it is hard to completely turn off. One way that I find bridges that gap between working and downtime is reading. I love to read or rather listen. I subscribe to audible and download a couple of books to listen to over the holidays. It gives me some ideas for the coming year but also allows me to relax. Maybe it would be a good time to download that book you have been meaning to read this holiday season. I love the new video from KeyPath Education. Listen to how they have evolved their business model to accommodate the new type of learner. Their value proposition is awesome. The worlds most prepared students! About time I say!

I have moved some of my workshops online to cater to this how you want to. See more here.

Here is my bookself and the current books I am reading.


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