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Understanding your Customer's Journey

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 19 September 2018
Understanding your Customer's Journey

Empowered by almost instant access to information, we are spending more time doing online research to inform our purchase decisions.Across nearly every industry, we are spending more time using digital and multiple devices to research and consider our purchases. As the customer journey gets more complex and fragmented, the most important decision-making is happening long before consumers reach out to a specific brand.

Google and Gfk have doen some research into our buying journey booking international travel. Here are some of the highlights of this research.

1. We have become our own travel agents.

Between comparing airlines, prices, dates, flight times, and amenities, travellers spend significant time and effort perfecting their trip. Long gone are the days of sitting down at a travel agent's desk to hammer out the process in one go. Consumers today are using multiple devices to plan their own trips whenever and wherever it's most convenient.

2. It takes time

Planning a international trip takes on average 12 weeks and over  250 internet research moments. I can atest to this as well as planning long before you want to travel, up to 12 months ahead for me.

3. We might look but we buy offline

While we do our research online, one in three book offline. One third look on their mobile phone but only 13% book this way.

4. Loyalty goes out the window

We want what works best for our needs, not necessarily a brand we know. If you offer the best fit for a niche needs you are more likely to be more profitable than a company that tries to be "all things to all people" and does a mediorce job of it.

5. Lesson for small business is be adaptable

The more you understand your customers journey the more you can be helpful at each moment. We want peace of mind that we have made the best decision so we are seeking advice from our peers on review sites and comparing prices and value online. Being helpful, educating consumers about their choices and being transparent about your differences will provide a level of comfort by consumers but if you are not relevant you will be left in no doubt when we vote with our feet.

Welcome to the self service economy. To learn more about Customer Journey Mapping go here.

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