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Top Email Designs Trends in 2023

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 18 January 2023
Top Email Designs Trends in 2023

Trending in 2023 is all about showing rather than telling. We’re seeing graphics move to the forefront of email design, with product photos ascending the page, colour taking greater risks and animation stealing the spotlight.

The top 7 email design trends for 2023, according to 99 Designs, are:

  1. Floating products

Given that (on a good day) less than 20% of emails are even opened—let alone read—images carry the burden of immediately capturing attention and encapsulating what a product is all about. To make these images even more effective, designers favour product photos that appear to float in midair.

Email trends










2. Irregular frames -  many emails are turning to drastically irregular frames, such as starbursts, pill shapes, and other, weirder abstractions. This trend creates a fun and playful aesthetic reminiscent of arts and crafts cutouts. The effect is bolstered by bright colours, duotones and off-kilter placements, as though the images have been pasted in a scattered, sticker-book style.

moo image










3. Overlapped lettering this year’s trend for styling headlines has to be one of the most counterintuitive: designers are creating dynamic headlines that overlap with images, colours and even text.,

4. Colourful and patterned drop shadows - the drop shadow—especially for CTA buttons—is coming back in style.

5. Mixed dimensions many email designs show a mixture of opposing techniques—pairing simple doodles with professional photography.












6. Animated product displays animation sequences are applied to email product displays, showing the product in action while providing a dazzling spectacle.

7. Ecstatic colour schemes - pandemic and inflation on every news channel, we could all use a little more brightness wherever we can.










Overall, these email trends are bringing entertainment, light-hearted fun and, most of all, dazzling artwork to your communications in 2023.

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