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The Journey of Learning: Why I Love Working with Small Business

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 10 July 2024
The Journey of Learning: Why I Love Working with Small Business

The Journey of Learning: Why I Love Working with Small Business

Growing up in a household where learning was cherished, it’s no surprise that my path has been shaped by a deep-rooted passion for knowledge. My parents, both ardent learners, instilled in me the value of curiosity and continuous growth. This love of learning, however, goes back even further in my family. My grandmother, a true pioneer of her time, had a fascination with learning that was nothing short of inspiring. Long before the age of digital technology, she would creatively use black markers to edit people out of photos and tape film into VHS—small but innovative ways to manage and preserve memories.

My mother, in particular, epitomized the spirit of lifelong learning. After a 30-year hiatus, she returned to complete her law degree and took over my father’s practice after he passed away from cancer over 25 years ago. Her continual love of learning inspired my sisters and me to seek out knowledge and experiences to enrich our lives, whether it’s a love of the law, gardening, or even managing a farm with room to grow.

Initially, my love for learning led me to pursue a career as a teacher. I was captivated by the idea of imparting knowledge and shaping young minds. Yet, as I journeyed through various experiences, I discovered a new passion: marketing. This field offered a dynamic and ever-evolving landscape, perfectly suited to my insatiable curiosity and desire to make a difference.

One story that perhaps best explains my love of a challenge is when I was engaged in creating an event experience for the Waverley Museum in Victoria. They had very little budget and wanted locals to come to their opening. It was even more challenging because the hero artist was a photographer who captured historical black-and-white images of Antarctica. This is when my creativity, marketing brain, and love of a challenge kicked into gear.

I managed to get an ice sculptor from RMIT to donate his time, ice from a quarry, Coles next door to store the ice, Dick Smith to donate signed copies of his latest book on Antarctica to run as a door prize, and local wineries and producers to donate the wine and cheese. We had a real event. The local paper even promoted it and attended. This occasion started an event that became key in the social calendar of locals and ignited my passion for grassroots marketing.

Storytelling and capturing something that people will remember is a powerful tool in marketing. Quality counts. I have indeed taken some paths in my marketing career working for others, but my path has always led back to working with small businesses. I now know why. In other roles, I have stopped learning. When I work for small businesses, there is a fire in my belly to seek out better, smarter ways to capture value.

I remember starting my podcast in 2011 because of my love of learning. I am so thankful that I took the risk in 2006 not to go back to corporate life as my experiences with working with so many small businesses have been rich and rewarding. I realised that my passion for learning and technology as well as caring about the little things that keep us connected and human is a real value. Who knew?

The “why” matters, people. The way you do something, get up in the morning, matters. To find value and inspiration every day, I want to make a difference and hold to those values that my family instilled in me. To care about others and invest in learning and doing your best. It gives real meaning to everything you do. So, while I am not a teacher in the traditional sense and I might not go back into the classroom (although I have done that this year), my love of learning keeps me grounded and interested and hopefully able to share with small businesses some value.

Today, as a marketing consultant, I channel this passion into helping small businesses. Small businesses are the heartbeat of our communities. They bring unique products, services, and personal touches that large corporations often lack. I believe that with the right marketing strategies, these businesses can not only survive but thrive in a competitive market.

Working with small businesses allows me to leverage technology to create marketing strategies that truly matter. It’s not just about promoting products or services; it’s about creating value for customers. It’s about understanding their needs, empathising with their challenges, and crafting solutions that resonate on a personal level.

In my role, I get to learn continuously. Each business is a new chapter, a fresh opportunity to explore innovative marketing techniques and technologies. Whether it’s through developing tailored email campaigns, optimizing CRM funnels, or designing impactful marketing plans, I relish the challenge and the learning that comes with it.

My journey from aspiring teacher to digital marketing consultant for small businesses has been driven by a love of learning that was cultivated by my family. It’s this same love of learning that fuels my commitment to helping small businesses succeed. By leveraging technology and creativity, I strive to create marketing strategies that not only drive growth but also add genuine value to the lives of customers. And that, to me, is the most rewarding part of my journey.

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