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The Best Email Software for Small Business

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 16 October 2021
The Best Email Software for Small Business

Small business now have email software but which is the best one to use? PC Magazine did a list of some of the best email marketing software for 2021 but I have some different opinions.

The best email software must be easy to use, give you the information you need to make better marketing decisions and be highly flexible and able to integrate with all your other software systems.


Until recently I have used Mailchimp with most of my clients. And while Mailchimp have upped their game in terms of pop ups, landing pages and automations for e-commerce they are still far behind Active Campaign and Klaviyo, Hubspot in terms of data metrics, SMS integrations and best practices. Here are my top 4 email software for SMB.

1.What I love about Active Campaign

  • Very easy to use
  • Flexible pop up designs
  • Landing pages are easy to create
  • Excellent templates for automations and flows
  • Integration is great with Shopify, Woo commerce, Typeform and more
  • Very reasonably priced per user
  • Support brilliant
  • Neg: None yet

2. What I love about Klaviyo

  • A little harder to set up the Active Campaign but more data and smarts
  • Dashboard for e-commerce and SMS is 2nd to none
  • Love the clever pop up based on behaviours and lists
  • Analytics are insanely helpful
  • Support fantastic
  • Neg: None yet

3. What I love about Hubspot

  • Really good SEO and blog features 
  • Good data in reports
  • Easy to do landing pages
  • Works well with Wordpress
  • Neg: Expensive and support sucks!

4. What I love about Mailchimp

  • Very easy to use and price compeititve
  • Great templates
  • Neg: seg and tagging confusing and limiting, pop ups inflexible


Please note: I am certified in Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Active Campaign,Hubspot and used many more and as an independent marketing consultant this is my opinion.

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