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So your ready to redesign your web? What to look for.

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 9 July 2015

There comes a time when your old web doesn't cut it any more and you are looking to invest in a new website. Like every business your website needs to evolve but there are some critical things you need to have in-place before you throw thousands of dollars at this key marketing tool.

1. Use Hubspot's marketing website grader to see the issues with your current website. This may save you a lot of time and money.

2. Make sure you have google analytics running so you can see how you are performing

3. Get a CMS system. Content Management System. These come in different shapes and sizes but one that is easy to use is a must. I have used wordpress but you need to be a bit IT savvy to keep up with all the plugin and security. Now I use Bloomtools which is a great integrated platform that is easy to use.

4. Get it copywritten. I didn't for my first two sites but given you have 8 seconds to grab attention of those prospects this is money well spent. A good copywriter will also be set up for SEO content. We love Sally at

5. Having a call to action on your website is key. Either a valuable piece of content, a trial or free consult is a way to get your prospect to take action.

6. Build credibility instantly with quotes, testimonials, case studies and qualifications.

7. Speak to the audience about their problems and not about your business.

8. Optimise your page in google my business and other directories so you can be found.

9. Ensure all of your images are named so they can be found.

10. Make sure your contact details are easy to see. Phone number, email, social contacts and address details on every page.


Download a whitepaper for layout ideas from Bridgeline digital. Visit our Knowledge Resources for more like this one.

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