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Rebranding is like having a personal make over

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 20 October 2015

When you decide to change your brand it is sort of like  having a personal make-over.It requires throwing out all your clothes and starting again. It is requires a big clean out and it means everything has to be changed if it is going to a significant change that makes people notice.

For a small business re-branding can be a really scary process. Not only does it involve cost but it requires you to re-look at how your customers see you. However re-branding can be an opportunity to really position your business correctly and give it the opportunity to grow. Re-branding is everything from your logo, tag-line and all of your customer touch-points, signage, website, brochures, documents, uniforms and more.

While some companies opt for a brand refresh - a tweaking of the logo or tag line to make it relate better to the target market, a re-branding aims to establish a new identity or perception in the eyes your target market.

Before you go through the whole process of re-branding you need to do the research and see if it is worth it. Understand where you are in the competitive landscape, what you customers and staff understand about your value and see if it needs a make over and what are the possible cost benefits of the whole process.

I have done many a brand identity update and it has significantly improved the businesses. It can be a real opportunity to tell the real story of your business. See how Today's Homes revamped their identity in our customer success stories.


See our branding process for more details.

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