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Media Habits during the Coronavirus

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 3 April 2020
Media Habits during the Coronavirus

Nieslen Media states that as a consequence of the coronavirus crisis media habits will create a 60% higher consumption to "to stay informed, kill time, find solace and stay in touch with others."

As the coronavirus grows we are making changes to the way we interact with content. News and retail is experiencing a huge increase while travel has seen a dip in views across the web.

Themes of consumption.

  • News, news and more news: we are consuming news at a record pace
  • Social media and messaging: we are staying ultra-connected with their communities
  • Entertainment, music, and spirituality content: increased consumption seen as behaviours change
  • Government: information from government websites are becoming top-of-mind
  • Finance: increased focus on investments and payments

Due to the fraudulent media apps and news, traditional news on TV has gained more popularity as a score of credible information over the last two months. 

"Coronavirus" or "Covid-19" with the highest volume of interactions (mentions, likes, comments, etc.) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, from March 1 to 18, 2020". Comscore.

It has never been a better time to review your online marketing strategy. Perhaps you are not online and need to be? Chat with us to see how you can adapt to this new consumer reality.

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