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Marketing Terms got you confused?

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 29 July 2016

Marketing has changed so rapidly over the last 5 years and along with that is a whole new vocab. You could be execused if you didn't know what a bounce rate was,  CTA , above the fold, CTR and many more! Hubspot have done a great job of putting together a list of key marketing terms to help those of us struggling to keep up.

Not only has marketing termology been changing so has sales.  The Institute of Sales and marketing Management have a list of related sales and marketing Terms that might help you if you come across a term you just dont understand. Terms like channels, closed gesters, competitive parity, direct close, EDI, JIT, OEM and WIFM.

Author: Danielle MacInnis
About: Dan is a customer centric marketer and the owner of MacInnis Marketing a company that creates sales and marketing systems to attract customers and employees to companies that they love.
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Tags: Marketing Education Digital Marketing Marketing Tools Content Marketing

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