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Inbound marketing

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 20 January 2016

Inbound marketing is the way of attracting customers to your business. It is earning the right to have an ongoing conversation. I really like this infographic from visually as it steps through the whole process. Content marketing is such an important part of your marketing strategy because it has an evergreen quality. That is it is like building a library for google to find for life. If you buy and ad you might get the benefit for a week or maybe a month, however write a compelling article with a great call to action and you could reap the benefit for years to come.

The Inbound Marketing Process
From Visually.


Danielle MacInnisAuthor:Danielle MacInnis
About: Dan is a customer centric marketer and the owner of MacInnis Marketing a company that creates sales and marketing systems to attract customers and employees to companies that they love.
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