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Goals for digital marketing 2016

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 1 June 2016

Squiz have done a great research project on 645 marketing and IT professionals see the future of digital in 2016.

As the marketing technology landscape evolves so is the opportunity for leveraging digital marketing. This comphrensive report from Squiz has some great take aways for small business.

1. Improving the customer experience is still very much key to marketing's role, followed by integrating channels. Less than 1% of those interviewed had all channels intergrated with most trying to get there.

2. When purchasing a new marketing technology platform the marketing manager, sales manager and IT manager have the greatest influences

3. Most are using CMS, CRM, analytics with less using marketing automation, search, e-commerce.

4. Most marketers struggle to follow marketing automation and customer experience.

5. Most discribe there digital strategy as adequate.

6. Budget still is the greatest challenge and then getting stakeholder buy in

8. Working with IT and better communication is a real opportunity to create a better customer facing organisation

9. Integrate the platforms and deliver one customer experience of die as others will serve the customer better

10. You need to find a marketing champion that has the right questions to ask to deliver the best marketing platform for growth,


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