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Get the fundamentals of marketing right

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 24 October 2018
Get the fundamentals of marketing right

Companies that do robust marketing grow faster

Bullseye Marketing did some research which showed that those companies that marketed themselves grew up to 5 times faster than those who didn't and for every $1 spent on marketing they received $10 in revenue.

So why don't companies market themselves?

The mainstream small businesses are yet to embrace it. Why?

  • Not in the DNA of CEOs they are not experienced in it and see it as an expense rather than an investment
  • Many businesses don't "believe" in marketing and see it as an expense, not
    a route to growth
  • Traditional marketers are uncomfortable with the heavy reliance on data in
    these programs, coming from a more creative background, or don't want to
    be held accountable in the ways that these programs make possible
  • There is no network effect for marketing technology
  • Some industries, like software, are more volatile and so more receptive to
    trying new ideas and technologies
How to make marketing easy?
Concentrate on getting a few things right.
  • Take advantage of the marketing assets that you already have
  • Customer lists
  • Leads - email - Email Marketing is always number one or number two. And McKinsey actually said that it's 40 times more effective than social media.
  • Website insights
  • Insights from sales

To learn more about this simple approach to marketing listen to a podcast with John John Jantsch and the CEO of Bullseye Marketing Louis Gudema.

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