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Create powerful customer experiences

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 1 August 2018
Create powerful customer experiences

Creating experiences that matter and set you apart

I am passionate about the customer experience and am always looking for articles and research on the subject of customer experience. This week I read a report from Gartner about this subject called Creating powerful customer experiences.

Some of the key takeaways includes

1. Meet my basic needs. Whatever I need, information, remove barriers and make it easy for me. Some vendors hide pricing and this annoys the customer because they need this to make a decision about whether you are in their ballpark.

2. Solve my problem. Don't try and sell but service me. Ultimately I need to know that you will have my interests at heart.

3. Solve my need when I ask. Once my basic needs are met then you can move on to solve some other functional needs. You have earnt the right.

4. Provide what I need without me asking. This is when the customer experience is really felt. It requires deep knowledge of the customer and what they want. Anticipating my needs shows that you care. Those little touches don't go unnoticed because they happen so infrequently.

5. Make me better, stronger, more powerful. Redefine the customer experience and what customers can become as a result of using the product or service.

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