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Content creation for SMB

Posted by Danielle MacInnis on 10 September 2016

"Like the tree that falls in the forest but no-one can hear, if you aren't found in search you don't really exist.But you won't be a success on social networks if you don't produce great content. Content that is relevant, interesting and shareable. Your content marketing activities are key to your success on other channels. If you create content that your prospective customers need and want, they will find it, consume and engage with it and ultimately transact a profitable action with you.They may also share that content with their own friends and contacts, amplifying the effect.." Steven Downes Digitial Marketing Expert

Creating content has now become key to being found by Google. Creating valuable copy I should say. Part of attracting people to your brand is being useful, helpful and been seen as the expert. To do this these days it is all about proofing it. We can do this with content. It can be written, spoken, video, images, reviews, tools and engaging in social media.

A challenge for small businesses is to create the content. It can be time consuming and also requires some technique to be optimised and distributed effectively. This e-book by Hubspot is a great start.

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