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Outsource to solve a marketing resource problem

We know that every business is different and you will be looking for the right marketing resource. That is why we have come up with a number of ways to engage with us.

  • Marketing Strategy workshop - for a small investment of $250 you can have a meeting and see if we are a good fit and get some immediate marketing strategy to apply to your workshop. This is a good place to start if you haven't yet worked out your marketing approach.
  • Retainer Optionsare very useful and economical for a small business with no marketing resource but know they need an ongoing affordable marketing person. We only do a number of these per year so we can service our existing clients well.
  • Small Business Package - allows us to work together with you over a series of workshops to uncover your strategy and put together a one-page plan.
  • Fast Track workshop is a one-day planning session for a small business to create a marketing plan.
  • Web Design Package - is perfect if you are in the process of redesigning your web and want to make sure it will attract your ideal customers with call to actions.
  • Branding Package - is great if you are rebranding your business and want to think through the "why" of your identity. This builds the style guide and the key marketing messages.
  • Digital Marketing covers all social media creation and planning so it is wrapped up in your core marketing strategy.
  • Customer Centric Workshop focuses on mapping out your customer's buying path so you can become more customer-centric and test your internal values and value proposition.
  • We are an independent marketing consulting firm so we work solely independently. As a freelancers, this means that we always have your best interests at heart and are not tied into any vendors.

Download the Ultimate Marketing Guide for Small Business