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Our vision is to get businesses back to feeling, seeing and listening by showing empathy to your customers and employees. We believe that it is through empathy and insight we create better relationships based on trust and value.

So, why are we special? Well, when it all boils down to it, I just think we care more than others do about marketing and getting it right for you. Let's face it, there are a lot of marketing consultants and marketing agencies out there and most will follow similar marketing philosophies and practices so why choose one over the other? We believe a big part is in the how we do it. We want the whole process to it to be fun, educational and most importantly to work.Through MacInnis Marketing's Customer Centric Approach create a customer centred mind set so that companies can use empathy to make better business decisions. To be recognised as the leader in creating this movement.

Our purpose is to build companies that move towards humanising service. A customer centric company is a mindset. It puts the customer at the centre of all your decisions. You are constantly aware of their needs and choose business decisions based on what is right for them.  This is balanced with the needs of your employees who create the human service and put their energy into creating delightful touch points that create a human empathic journey with your brand. Personality Fun, creative, easy going, young at heart, social, caring, supportive, thoughtful, analytical, strategic, big picture thinker, honest, giving, inspiring, dependable, responsible, real, exploratory.

To create a customer centric mindset so that organisations can use empathy to make better business decisions.We provide practical and affordable marketing strategies that generate ideal leads for our small business clients. We want you to love us and find us irreplaceable. We strive to provide the sort of insight, marketing genius and value that makes us the stand out choice for you as a small business. We achieve this by consistently demonstrating our commitment to our values: Our Values


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