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Marketing Templates

I have been collecting and creating marketing templates for some time to make the process of marketing easier for small businesses doing their marketing.

Please take a look at these templates below by clicking on the red link.

  • Steps in Building Your Business: Overviews the marketing process we take at MacInnis Marketing to build a 1-page marketing plan.
  • Identify Your ideal customers: those you serve best and love to work with. Focus on these. This template helps you narrow your focus and allows you to be more purposeful with your marketing strategy.
  • Marketing Objectives Mud Map. This map sets out the considerations you need to take into account when making a marketing plan.
  • Marketing Strategy Planner. This is a simplified version of defining the marketing strategies that as a small business you will use to plan your marketing activities.
Note: Please, if you are going to copy or reproduce these templates, give credit to the author.
This is just a small sample of our templates for our customers. For more great marketing tools and tips, why not join the marketing portal? It is free!

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