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Axient had an identity crisis when I met up with Managing Director Mark Howarth in 2013. Mark was trying to reposition Axient but telling their story was confusing,the web was hard to navigate and they really needed a strategy to pull all the marketing together. Mark knew he needed an integrated approach.

Here's what we worked on:

  • A SMP - strategic marketing plan that would set the direction for the business and identify what needs to be done.
  • A branding refresh - we worked with Hello Creative to develop the Axient brand so it was always clear and consistent.
  • We worked on a content plan so that we could segment the communications by market, buyer journey, industry and role. We revisited all the content on the web and engaged a copy writer to communicate the value proposition statement and key copy for the website.
  • We worked on the key tools we needed to create an end to end sales and marketing system including implementing Bloomtools.com for lead nurturing and web content management.


  • Axient now has a regular communication their customers and regular campaigns to nurture prospects using segmentation. Refining the brand and creating a new website and articulating the value proposition of Axient as well as setting up a marketing and sales system was a turning point in Axient's business.

We delivered

Quote from client:

"Dan's process driven approach combined with her passion for strategic marketing helped me put in place a foundation for marketing. We gained brand clarity, vision and values which resulted in continued sales growth. I recommend Dan for any CxO who requires a great marketing mind with backed by strong commercial acumen."

Mark Howarth, Managing Director"



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