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Industry: Construction/Consulting
Like so many businesses that we deal with Citygreen has a great product and services,
but telling their story was confusing, hard to navigate on the web and with no real strategy
to pull all the marketing together, needed an integrated approach.
  • Brand Communication
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing Plan

About Citygreen

We have worked with the the Managing Director Ben Gooden and his internal and external marketing team to develop a few key changes:

1. A SMP - strategic marketing plan that would set the direction for the business and identify what needs to be done

2. A branding refresh - we worked with Hello Creative to develop a set of key templates, and tools including website redesign, tender templates and product speficiation sheets so that the Citygreen communication and brand was always clear and consistent

3. We worked on a Content plan so that we could segment the communications by market, buyer journey, industry and role. We revisited all the content on the web and engaged Sally Cameron Copywriting to communicate the value proposition statement and key copy for the website.

4. We worked on the key tools we needed to create an end to end sales and marketing system including implementing Ontraport for lead nurturing, a new website and integration of Ontraport with Salesforce using Zapier software.

Citygreen now has a regular communication with his customers and regular campaigns to nurture prospects using segmentation. Refining the brand and creating a new website and articulating the value proposition of Citygreen as well as setting up a marketing and sales system was a turning point in Citygreen's business.



"Danielle has a broad knowledge of marketing, and a real driving passion for her field of endeavour. Also great at working with people and teams." 

Ben Gooden

General Manager

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