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Ready for a customer-centric approach to marketing? You're in the right place.

As a switched-on CEO, you know that:

1. The old way of selling and marketing doesn't work anymore


2. Your customers should be at the centre of everything you do


3. There's a better way to market without blowing your budget



















You are 100% spot on. And just by being here you're already ahead of your competition. But, what next? You need an experienced, long-term partner to help you take action and generate real results for your business.

MacInnis Marketing can help. We're the leading authority on customer-centric marketing practices worldwide.

No small claim, but we absolutely, hand-on-heart believe it. For us, marketing is all about humanising service. We believe the more intimately you understand and honour your customers, the better you'll be at building lifetime loyalty and value.


We offer an end-to-end small-business marketing solution, built on the backbone of our proven methodology, the Simple Marketing System. This takes you all the way from plan to action, leveraging customer insights, research data, service design practices, and cutting-edge technology along the way.

The result? You'll make better marketing decisions, attract a regular stream of ideal customers, and create a brand that your employees and customers love.
Our wholehearted mission is to help you implement a customer-centric marketing approach, and then celebrate as you reap the truly transformative rewards. Make no mistake: this is game-changing stuff.

It's time to take action

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Danielle is a high energy person and a great creative thinker. She is unique in that she has strong marketing and organizational behavior backgrounds; a combination that results in significant value-add as a consultant. As a sounding board, I particularly appreciate that Danielle holds you accoun...

Sean Gallagher, MarketCulture

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