Strategic Service Design


Why do strategic service design?

We help companies develop more profitable customer relationships by delivering better customer experiences and by designing better customer journeys.

If you want a point of different that sets you apart then strategic service design is the answer.

So much of a service is intangible. Compared with a tangible product, a service can be much harder to differentiate from its competitors—and more difficult to ensure consistent and high-quality customer experiences. Strategic Service Design is a holistic way for you to show how empathic you are to your customer needs. It is a practical but creative way to improve your services and innovate new ones. Strategic Service Design is all about making that customer journey tangible.


Humanising services is about creating those purposeful touch points that become those memorable moments for your ideal customer  and position your brand head and shoulders over any alternative. It is based on the principal of don’t tell me, show me and emphasises the important of designing a customer journey that is alive, interactive and delivers every time.

Strategic service design workshop from MacInnis Marketing

Strategic Service Design was created out of my interest in Service Design.

Service Design is an interdisciplinary approach that combines many different tools and disciplines. It is evolving as an approach and a new emerging field. The five principals of *Service  Design thinking are:2012-11-23 10.47.50

  • User Centred – the services should be experienced through the customer eyes
  • Co-creative – all stakeholders should be involved in the service design process
  • Sequencing – the service should be visualised as a sequence of interrelated actions
  • Evidencing - Intangible services should be visualised in terms of physical artefacts
  • Holistic – the entire environment of services should be considered.

*Note: from This is Service Design Thinking book.

Thus, Service Design is a philosophy or a way of thinking. I have taken this practice and created Strategic Service Design. It is based in innovating services to make them more useful, usable, desirable for us. It is a multidisciplinary integrated and holistic way to show empathy to the user. The reason I really resonate with this approach is, ultimately value is not just tied to the deliverable of a service but the ultimate value is tied to the how of the delivery as well. We are emotional beings and we make decisions based not just on a service ticking rational needs, but out emotional needs as well.

This approach can provide great services and customer experiences. I love 31 Volts service design definition.

“When you have two coffee shops right next to each other, and each sells the exact same office at the exact same price, service design is what makes you walk into one and not the other.”

It is this strategic service design approach that integrates so much with my customer centric marketing approach.

Customer Centric Marketing includes the process of strategic Service Design. It has a few key steps.



Clarifying terms

MacInnis MacInnis approach to workshops uses this philosophy or practice. Here are some resources we use:

We have a number of workshops available including:

Customer Centric Workshop

  • Value setting – the how we do it here
  • True North – setting your goals
  • Personal Branding

many more…

For more information go here.

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Service Design Network


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    "Dan has worked with us over the last 24 months to build a strategic approach to sales and marketing. She has provided a soundboard and a hands on approach to our business and this has proved to be very valuable as we develop our team and marketing approach. Dan has helped us develop sales tools including, case studies, flyers, website and a CRM system. We now understand our value proposition and can confidently attract the right clients who want to work with us. There are always challenges in running a small business but Dan has provided us with the marketing savvy that continually improves our businesses. She continues to work with us as almost an intergral part of our team, her understanding of our company and value propostion is second to none. She is a valuable asset to whoever is fortunate enough to work with her."Read Hedditch, ARO Systems.